The company Saba is a thirty years experience in steel forging.
The core of production are pruning hammers, tines for rotary harrods and many other spare parts.Moreover we produce different articl3es for industrial trade and for moving machinery.
By our productive power, due to 4 forging plants we manufacture articles from 0,25 Kg. to 15 Kg. , made in different kind of steel.
In the company there are heat-treatment furnace, mechanics department and sand-blasting that allow to supply finished product.
Moreover we can produce special articles on drawing or from sample.
Highest disposability and updating professionability of our technical and commercial staff, complete the Saba's supply.

SABA s.r.l.
25070 Nozza di vestone - Brescia - Italia - strada per Casto. Tel. +39 0365 81233 - 81866 Fax +39 0365 820292